Welcome to Pedal Toronto! 

We are sure our Guided Cycling Tours of the city will be a highlight of your visit.  Whether you live here or plan to visit we think you will find our tours fun and informative.  Our mission at Pedal Toronto is to promote a cycling lifestyle and Toronto as the world-class city it has become so we combined our two loves to create our fantastic tours.

We will guide you through our city with lots of stops to discuss what you’re seeing and not seeing, we are locals and we know where the highlights and hidden gems are located.  You will gain an understanding of what it is like to live here, from local politics (it’s been a roller-coaster) to our favourite restaurants and what’s on at the AGO to who’s playing at Massey Hall.  Cycling will help you build up an appetite and Toronto offers an amazing choice of culinary options, we can help you choose.

Book your tour now and discover Toronto from the parks, the waterfront or the island. Our location in the Canary District puts you in the heart of Toronto’s urban community and the site of PanAm 2015 athlete’s village.

Our Community

Behind the scenes we’ve built a relationship with Gears Bike Shop so that our bikes are always:

  • shiny and new
  • well-maintained
  • adjusted to suit your needs

Our tours leave from the front of their shop so you will meet the crew and realize that we are part of a community that is passionate about cycling.  Arrive early for your tour and we’ll treat you to coffee and a chat.


Finally, follow this blog for posts about cycling, Toronto and current events.  We will be reviewing local restaurants and coffee shops and if you like, we can create a custom tour for you.  Send us your questions and comments and let us help you build out your visit so you can see and do everything on your list.



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