3.5 hoursflat and easy $85 CDN
All tours include bicycle, helmet, water and snack


Join the urban cycling revolution taking place in Toronto and enjoy the thrill of following your guide through city streets. Let’s stray from the main roads to discover some of our historical landmarks hiding behind modern facades. As we safely navigate the urban jungle, you will start to uncover the many layers of Toronto’s development and feel the excitement of a city emerging and presenting itself to the world.

We will meet you at Gears Bike Shop in the Canary District, built in part to house the athletes of the 2015 PanAm Games and now a thriving urban community complete with shops, restaurants and parks. A quick trip to the Underpass Playground to highlight the creative use of space and demonstrate the return of neighbourhoods to the once dark corners of the city will have us on our way to exploring the core. The old Victorian-era industrial buildings of the Distillery District will give you a sense of Toronto’s early development and a peek into Union Station shows we are working hard to preserve our history. We will stop in the quiet corners to landmark the places not found in brochures. No trip would be complete without a stop at Old/New City Hall to capture a photo with the iconic Toronto Sign. Beyond the obvious highlights, we will show you hidden churches, a labyrinth and even some beautiful graffiti. As you settle into the ride you will start to notice the flow of the city, how the locals take their lunch outside or put on their running shoes for a midday jog, and you will see that Toronto is a very livable city with plans to bring even more folks into the core. This ride will appeal to the city slicker in you.

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